About Me

As a second year M.A. student in the Religion in Culture program at the University of Alabama, I am currently gaining teaching experience while studying religion as a facet of human culture.

I received my B.A. in Religious Studies, Anthropology and Spanish from the University of Alabama and maintain interdisciplinary methods in my graduate work. My work focuses on the broad context of postcolonial Latin America but within the narrow, though difficult to define, category of Guadalupan devotion and the role of symbols in authenticity claims by various social actors across historical narratives. Beyond these interests, I combine Spanish language proficiency and critical social theory study the function of ephemera and the material conditions of belief for migrants living in rural areas with limited social infrastructure.

In addition to fulfilling duties as an online grader, instructor of record, and graduate teaching assistant for my department, I am the current webmaster for the Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion, a regional group of the American Academy of Religion.